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Nalge Nunc International

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Nalge Nunc International manufactures the following brands:

From beakers to tubing, over 4,700 products in 26 different types of plastic.

NALGENE Packaging
NALGENE bottles, vials, and bags are used to package everything from diagnostic reagents to aggressive chemicals and hazardous materials and can be easily labeled. NALGENE packaging products are guaranteed leakproof to keep your product safe and sound.

I-CHEM Brand
Our I-CHEM containers are designed to serve a wide variety of preparation types and concentrations. This vast array offers you choice and convenience in your approach to chemical sample preservation. I-CHEM products are certified to meet specific criteria for volatiles, semi-volatiles, pesticides/PCBs, and metals.

NUNC Brand
Safe handling of biological samples is vital, both for personnel and for the integrity of the biological material. NUNC Brand Products are designed for your specific scientific applications. Youll find NUNC labware for immunology, molecular biology, tissue culture, cryogenic storage, and more.

Our products first ventured into the great outdoors when scientists started taking them from the laboratories into the wilderness. Now recognized by explorers and adventurers around the globe, our rugged NALGENE bottles and containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes youll discover the one that is just right for your next adventure.

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