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New Brunswick Scientific

NBSC, 16.05.2005 12:30
biotech_16954.gif - кликните, чтобы открыть увеличенную картинкуNBS offers state-of-the art cell culture bioreactors and fermentation equipment for R & D through production applications. Benchtop equipment may be converted through optional components for mammalian, animal, plant, algae and insect cell culture. NBS Spinners - producing milligram to gram quantities of secreted protein or high virus titer from suspension, insect or recombinant anchorage-dependent cells (including primary cells). Can be validated as a cGMP process in production scale with Fibra-Cel.
Fibra-Cel disks are a solid support material for the growth of mammalian, animal and insect cells, used predominantly for production of secreted products such as recombinant proteins and viruses. Fibra-Cel disks are manufactured according to cGMP guidelines.
The CEPA family of high-speed centrifuges is widely used in a variety of biological processes from cell harvesting and clarifying to separations of chemicals, foods, blood and pharmaceuticals.
Two ranges of NBS freezers are offered: Innova® models utilize Vacuum Insulation Panel technology, for up to 30% increased internal capacity without increasing external dimensions. Our conventional-style Premium freezers provide a cost-effective alternative with many of the same features and quality as the Innova brand. NBS CO2 incubators designed with six-sided direct heating. Choice of three models accommodate a variety of needs: NBS also offers a large capacity water-jacketed CO2 incubator. The microprocessor controlled Model CO28IR is designed for applications requiring tight tolerance of carbon dioxide levels. The incubator features an advanced, infrared control sensor for maintaining constant levels of CO2 to within ± 0.1%, regardless of changes in temperature or humidity.
NBS offers dozens of innovative shakers. We offer two distinct lines: our Innova series for heavy-duty shaking needs and our C-line shakers for less demanding applications. With 22 models to choose from, there's a shaker to meet your every need.

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New Brunswick Scientific PO Box 4005 Edison, NJ USA
Тел.: 732-287-1200, 800-631-5417
Факс: 732-287-4222
Веб-адрес: http://www.nbsc.com/
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